2017  Electronics and Bulky Waste Collections

ADAMS                       JUNE 17       OLD LANDFILL GARAGE, EAST ROAD 8 am - noon


SAVOY                         TBD              TRANSFER STATION

CLARKSBURG          OCT 7           HIGHWAY DEPT GARAGE  8 am - noon


DISPOSAL PRICE GUIDE   ~ Accepted Items & Price is subject to Change.


FURNITURE AND CARPETING                                                                                 ELECTRONICS, COMPUTERS, TELEVISIONS

Waterbed mattresses                               $10.00 ea.                                                          Portable Televisions                                                        $10.00 ea.

Couches/Loveseats                                 $20.00 ea.                                                          Console Televisions                                                         $25.00 ea.

Upholstered chairs                                  $  5.00 ea.                                                          Projection Televisions                                                      $40.00 ea.

Wooden chairs and end tables                $  5.00 ea.                                                          Printers, scanners                                                              $2.00 ea.

Kitchen/dining table                               $  5.00 ea.                                                          Telephones, answering machines                                     $2.00 ea.

Bookcases, bureaus                                $  5.00 ea.                                                          Copier machines                                                               $15.00 ea.

Wooden doors                                        $  5.00 ea.                                                          All video game systems                                                    $2.00 ea.

Windows in wooden frames                   $  5.00 ea.                                                          VCRs and DVD players                                                   $2.00 ea.

Room-size carpet                                   $  6.00 ea.                                                           Fax machines                                                                    $2.00 ea.

Twin/Single Mattress                             $20.00 ea.                                                          Computer monitors                                                           $10.00 ea.

Full/Queen/King Mattress                      $20.00 ea.                                                          Computer towers and Laptops                                          $5.00 ea.

Box Springs                                            $  5.00 ea.

PROPANE TANKS                                                                                                        MISCELLANEOUS

20 lb. LP gas BBQ tanks                       $  3.00 ea.                                                           Porcelain toilet                                                                  $10.00 ea.

Larger LP tanks (up to 100 lb)              $20.00 ea.                                                           Porcelain sink - bathroom                                                 $  5.00 ea.

16.4 oz "camp-size"                              $  1.00 ea.                                                            Porcelain sink - kitchen                                                    $ 10.00 ea.

                                                                                                                                           Metal sink - kitchen                                                          No Charge

SCRAP METAL/APPLIANCES                                                                                   Metal swing sets                                                                No Charge

DRAIN GASOLINE & OIL FROM ALL ENGINES                                                  Plastic playground and other toys over 2'x3'                    $5.00  ea.

Bicycles                                                No Charge                                                             Child car seats                                                                   $5.00  ea.

Push lawnmowers                                 No Charge                     

Riding lawnmowers                              No Charge                                                           TIRES

Snowblowers, rototillers, etc.               No Charge                                                           Passenger car tires                                                             $2.00 ea.

Airconditioners, dehumidifiers             $15.00                                                                Truck tires  19'5 max)                                                       $4.00 ea.

Metal storm doors                                 No Charge                                                          Tires 20" to 24"                                                               $10.00  ea

Refrigerators, freezers, stoves              $15.00

Washers/Dryers/dishwashers                No Charge

Water heaters (up to 80 gallons)           No Charge

Microwave ovens                                  No Charge

BBQ Grills                                            No Charge

Treadmills, exercise eqpt                      No Charge



Some items may not be listed.  We reserve the right to price other items accordingly on site.


Northern Berkshire Solid Waste Mgmt District