Northern Berkshire Solid Waste Mgmt District

           The Northern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District was established in 1988 through legislation passed by the Massachusetts General Court as Chapter 135 of the 1988 Mass. General Laws.

          Section 1 of the Act states, "The District is created and shall exist for the purpose of providing solid waste management services for its member municipalities and the residents thereof through the District's removal, transportation, disposal, recovery, recycling or any combination thereof, of solid waste generated within the District".

          By forming the solid waste district, the small municipalities in Northern Berkshire County have been able to pool resources and obtain professional waste management services to conduct recycling and public education programs, hazardous and special waste collection and waste facility development.

          Each member town is represented by a Commissioner who is a Selectman or Board of Selectmen's representative.

COMMISSIONERS                                                     JULY 2018


ADAMS                                     Edward Driscoll               *District Vice-Chairman

CHESHIRE                                Richard Salvi

CLARKSBURG                         Carl McKinney

FLORIDA                                   Neil Oleson

HANCOCK                                John Quimby

HINSDALE                                Barry O'Keefe

LANESBOROUGH                   Joseph Szczepaniak, Jr.       *District Chairman

MONROE                                  Carla Davis-Little

NEW ASHFORD                       Richard DeMyer

PERU                                          Gary Stergis

SAVOY                                       Keith Kupiec

WILLIAMSTOWN                    Timothy Kaiser

WINDSOR                                  Douglas McNally



Terry Haig


Linda Cernik